New in Postmill: Search improvements

Postmill now allows searching for whole phrases, and filtering by type of post.

Take the familiar keyword search we all know and love:

A keyword search for "dog honey", without quotation marks. It returns two results, one for the submission with the title "Does anyone know where to get dog honey?", and another for the comment "would not recommend feeding honey to a dog".

What if you wanted to show only comments? Now, thanks to is:comment, you can:

A keyword search for "dog honey is:comment", without quotation marks. It returns only the comment from the two aforementioned results.

Conversely, you can include only submissions in your search results by using is:submission.

What if keyword search isn’t sufficient? Do you wish to show results for the phrase ‘dog honey’, but not include results that contain ‘dog’ and ‘honey’ separately? Now, you can surround your phrase in double quotes to achieve this:

A keyword search for "dog honey", with quotation marks. It returns only the submission containing the phrase "dog honey".

You can mix and match keywords, phrases, and options, however at least one keyword or phrase must be present.

These improvements are made possible by a new query parser. In the future, it is planned to be expanded to support negating clauses in order to exclude results.

Additionally, search has been sped up significantly by hydrating results after retrieval.