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Postmill is a link aggregator that you can install on your own server. Tired of letting companies mine your data and make profit from your posts? This is a ready-to-use solution to bootstrap your community, including all the features that you've come to expect.


Here's what Postmill offers, right out of the box.


Submit a post. Vote. Comment. All the basics are here, so that you can focus on sharing content with your community.


It's free real estate! No pricing tiers, no expensive license to purchase... Just install Postmill and you're set.


IP addresses are removed 24 hours after any account is created and our code is audited automatically by our CI suite.

Open Source

Postmill is FOSS and has a permissive license. Modify it as you see fit. Contribute to the source code if you want to!

Mod tools

If you want to manage your community effectively, we've got you covered with sticky posts, bans, a moderation log and more.


Got content to write collaboratively? A wiki is built-in so you can get going immediately.

Night mode

And, yes, it does come in black.

Active instances

We have running Postmill instances, so that you can see the results for yourself.


This website hosts the flagship instance of Postmill - which was originally created for this community. It is run under the principles of anarchism but anyone is welcome as long as the Terms of Service are respected.


Just post. jstpst is a place for posting about anything. Posts can be silly or serious. Posts can be effortful or not. Just post it already, because you are funnier and more interesting than you think you are.